11 Unfortunate Things Women Find Attractive In Men

Thought Catalog

1. Playing hard to get.

If you ever hear a woman shudder at the sound of a guy’s name or appear visibly revolted upon seeing him, it’s likely she has just slept with him. Unfortunate as it may be, there is something laced into the fabric of women that makes us repulsed by men who show interest and severely charmed by men who show zero interest. It makes for an unpleasant morning after.

2. Guys with girlfriends.

A slight, if exaggerated extension of “playing hard to get,” if you will. Except in this case the dude isn’t so much “playing” hard to get as he is literally hard to get. Women who are less compassionate and generally emit an IDGAF attitude are more likely to act on these feelings, but regardless, for many women, the appeal of a man with a girlfriend is a very real thing. Think about it:…

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