Date A Girl Who Likes Change

I loveeeeeee this. I AM a girl who loves change!

Thought Catalog

Date a girl who likes change. Yes, it may be scary, if at all very risky already, but at least once in your life, you’ve got to date a girl that likes change.

Date a girl with no 9-5 lifestyle, trust me: she’s worth it. Without a routine, or a rehearsed day, you’ll never know what you could get. She may want red hair today, blonde the next week, but she’ll never be able to go a day without wanting to try something new with herself.

Date a girl who knows the difference a simple alteration could give off. Date a girl who sees how much something could change by just a simple letter. Or a simple change in color.

Date a girl who never stays in one single place for a very long period of time. She may not be the ideal person in the usual, but there’s a…

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