Men Don’t Like One-Night Stands, Either

Thought Catalog

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine where the stereotype even comes from. I can’t count the times I’ve sat through a movie about love and relationships — a promising one, even — only to see the guy portrayed once again as a sex-hungry moron. He’s horny, he just wants to get in your pants, he’s not interested in hearing about how you feel. If he does, it’s a means to an end. Maybe, at the very end, a good girl will convert him into the kind of guy she could actually date, but sometimes he just remains the dog that he was through the whole film. I don’t know who that guy is, I’ve never met him, and I’ve certainly never been him.

In my life (full disclosure, I’m 27), I’ve slept with about a dozen girls. A few were serious relationships, most were short-term things, and two were one-night stands…

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