Re: How I SHOULD Live My Twenties (More than 150)

I think this is genius. Not everyone lives their life according to the plan, this one is just put into words by someone else to show that the twentry somethings may have more to it than just getting drunk and being hookers!

so... this is my life now

If you’re a twenty-something, you’ve noticed that Buzzfeed, various blogs, and a number of online magazines and news articles have started a fad of telling us what we should and should not do/how we should and should not feel in this supposedly crucial identity-forming decade. Don’t get married before (fill in blank with the age at which the writer of the article started noticing her middle school friends flashing their nuptial bling on Facebook). Do travel (never mind how to pay for it). Don’t stick with the same partner for too long (there are just so many guys out there just waiting to bone you – why settle for one?). Do feel lost and confused and do whatever you want in order to lessen the confusion (because, really, even scientifically, that’s all your twenties are for).

I’m 27. I’ve lived through most of my twenties, and looking…

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