10 Life-Changing Things You Can Learn From Californians

Thought Catalog

1. Relax, it’ll get done

No, really, it will. The prevailing notion of Californians is that they’re laid back and chill and “call my people, we’ll do lunch.” This is true. And there is beauty in this. Do not rush a Californian when they have to make a decision or need to turn something around for you. They will do it, and it will happen, and it will be glorious.

This is an extreme example, but part of the reason why New Yorkers especially clash with Californians is that, beyond the three hour time difference and the whole being on opposite coasts thing is that New Yorkers are all about getting stuff done, like, yesterday. There is merit to this, but honestly, there is nothing wrong in taking some time to go through the big decisions like signing a lease on your apartment or choosing what exactly you want to…

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