18 Confessions Of A Former Starbucks Barista

Thought Catalog

Even though I am scarred, I will forever go back to this establishment to enjoy a nice cup of Tazo Green Tea.

1. Dealing with customers is usually a pleasant experience, but occasionally, we would get someone who thinks we are dumb as nails and treat us like we were their butlers. A woman one time literally commanded me to put in three ice cubes into her drink. Three. No more, no less. Another time, this woman asked me to make her a whey protein shake using our blenders. She handed me a packet of the whey and said, “Put this into my drink.”

2. Good managers would actually be on the floor making drinks with the staff, but bad managers would hide in the back, doing what they do, and not build team camaraderie. (We hated those kinds of managers.)

3. Starbucks uses vanilla soy milk as the milk…

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