27 Things Only Girls Who Are Obsessed With Their Nails Know

Thought Catalog

1. How your hunger never seems all that pressing until you start doing your nails, and then all of a sudden, it’s like you haven’t eaten in 72 hours but you’re on your second coat and to try to open any food container is to risk ruining your masterpiece.

2. The skills involved with properly do a manicure at Sephora’s nail bar without incurring the wrath of the associates who know you’re really just there for the ‘try me’ shades and will not, in fact, be buying a $40 mascara today.

3. Choosing between two colors sometimes may not be that big of an issue as far as problems go, but God, does it get stressful when the manicurist is beckoning you to sit down and you have yet to choose between Essie and OPI.

4. Each individual polish brand is special and unique, but there will always be one…

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