6 Pieces Of Tough Love That Will Make Your Life Infinitely Better

Thought Catalog

1.  Nobody is on their way to save you

There is no white knight coming in to save you. Neither is that meet cute, that spontaneous promotion, or that perfect, serendipitous miracle. There is no intervention on its way that’s going to suddenly change everything you hate about your life. Not unless you make one happen yourself.

Realizing that our lives will essentially stay the same forever unless we change something is a very empowering notion. Once we stop counting on daydreams and start counting on ourselves, it is incredible how much power we discover within our own hands.

2.  You are entitled to absolutely nothing

It’s a trite rebuttal to a trite saying, but you aren’t a special snowflake who’s entitled to greatness and recognition. Most of your generation is probably still sitting in Starbucks sipping an extra-skim-soy-latte-no-foam and waiting for the world to recognize their uniqueness. Even exemplary people…

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