Love Is Embracing The Other Person’s Flaws

Thought Catalog

We’re supposed to think about relationships in the positive. In the great little things that enhance each other, that complete us, that make us better. We don’t want to focus on the negatives, on the flaws, because to pick at them is to do ourselves in. But I want to — need to focus on these flaws because it is in them that I know you love me. I want you to know that I don’t take you for granted. That I will never take for granted all of the seemingly little things.

I don’t take for granted you always buying soy milk instead of regular because you know that I never take my Lactaid pills. I will never stop thanking you for embracing my compulsive tendencies and making them your own, like the way the volume on the radio or television needs to be on a multiple of five, which…

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