The 8 Steps To Getting Over A Breakup (From A Guy’s Perspective)

Thought Catalog

Whether we admit it or not, we (guys) DO have feelings too. Here is the post-breakup timeline for us. It applies to any relationship that we feel could have “made it all the way.” This could mean a long-term fling, living with someone, or a relationship that that we never got to see through to its full potential.

1. Text your boys that the breakup happened.

We might want to talk, but we can’t at this point. We’re too upset. So, we simply let the boys know it went down so they know the reason for the next eight points on this list.

2. Isolate yourself in the apartment.

It would be awesome to go out with our friends that weekend, but we can’t just yet. Instead we tell everyone despondently that we’re “not really up for going out tonight.”

3. Binge Watch TV Shows.

The couch becomes base camp…

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