The Actual Signs Someone Is Being Unfaithful, From A Former Serial Cheater

Thought Catalog

I didn’t start drinking heavily until the end of my second marriage. The first time I committed myself to a woman, I was young, recklessly in love, and having no idea what “love” really meant (marriage is not the answer, folks). Our relationship ended without her knowing that I had been sleeping with a co-worker. I still feel guilt and a responsibility to tell her, but I just can’t bear to hurt her more. More honestly: I can’t bear to have her look at me as more of a monster than I already am.

By the time I had settled down for the second time, I was 32. Things were good while they were good. But when romance fizzled out and life settled in, as it always, always does, I realized that the same ghosts of my relationship past came back to haunt me. This time more intensely, because I…

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