Watching Your Ex Move On, On Facebook

I think at some point in every person’s life. Men or women, we’ve all felt this way.

Thought Catalog

It’s been almost eight months since we broke up. And I won’t try to earn sympathy by pretending like it was entirely his decision, either. We just didn’t work out — he wanted to stay in our old city, go to grad school, start putting down roots. I never liked that city, and I wanted to do other things. Even though there was clearly still love there, and we’d see each other at the various social events of our mutual friends, we broke up. We had one of those talks that starts off really optimistically, talking about how we’re going to make it work if we’re doing “the long-distance thing,” but which we both knew would end in a breakup. We both cried. We had sex once, then again the next morning (we fell asleep in the same bed, though I said I was going to go home). We called…

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