Young Women, Stop Idolizing Marilyn Monroe

Thought Catalog

I know why you do it, because I used to do it, too. I used to style my hair in the famous short, bouncy curls that framed my face. I had a poster of her in my first three apartments, and thought that each one was just a little more artsy than the last. I even bought a white halter dress that was much too similar to her famous one, and wore it without a trace of irony (I cringe at the photos now). I imagined that she and I were connected on some spiritual level, and that we understood each other. In the Mad Men scene where Joan mourns her death and Roger doesn’t understand, I got it. For me, Marilyn had always been a woman too full of life and beauty for the world she inhabited, maybe born a generation too early, maybe to the wrong family. She…

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