Girl Porn: Here’s What Your Nicholas Sparks Moment Will Look Like

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The Notebook The Notebook

It was a perfect night.

It didn’t start out that way; it wasn’t planned, and that was the beauty of it. A party, some wine, a text, laughter, dancing, awkward glances across the crowded room. She knew, he knew. Someone just had to make the first move.

They walked and laughed and tripped and held each other steady, tentative but strong, drunk on Moscato and beer and this unstable, seeping feeling of young love. Fleeting; just enough to make you wonder ‘what if….’

He beckoned, leading down, past the cafeteria, past the mailboxes and the pool table to a hidden music room. She marveled, could this actually be happening? Never in my wildest dreams….she followed, bright with anticipation mixed with wonderful disbelief.

No, they didn’t have sex, you dumb-shit horny 20-something reader. No. It was so much more beautiful, so much more. He took out his guitar (a…

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The 4 Worst People You Encounter On Airplanes

I saw all of this on my plane ride TO California.

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Up In The AirUp In The Air

1. The Wailing Infant

I love babies. Okay, well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. I think most babies are adorable, and on occasion, I enjoy holding them (though the prospect of accidentally dropping someone else’s kid terrifies me). In fact, I even dream of one day birthing my own fat-cheeked nuggets. I hope they’re cool. I hope they grow up to like Hillary Clinton. However, that being said, there are a few situations where I find babies a tad scary — one of those is during long, tiresome flights when they start crying and just won’t stop.

When that happens, sleep becomes close to impossible. Reading becomes extra difficult. Listening to Drake’s new song on your iPhone becomes moot because the shrill sound of baby screeches will almost always drown out his sexy, silky voice. And what are you supposed to do when the baby…

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21 Wonderful Things In Life That We Take For Granted

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1. Music (LearningLifeAsIGo)

I think most people take music for granted. The art, mathematics and science behind it. It is a human-invented concept, that is constantly evolving. It can be as simple as a three chord rock song or as complex as a four act Wagner opera.

2. Being on the top (homemadejelly)

Being at the top of the food chain. I’m on my way to work now and I’m not worried about a panther eating me.

3. Books (Yujiok)

Books, I cant make an accurate estimate on how many different types of books there are but each one of those gives a different message and no matter who you are there is most likely a 100% chance there is a book or thousands of books that pertain to your interests, you just need to find them.

4. Nothing…

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Relinquishing control into the hands of someone we believe to know better. This is trust. And when the someone knows infinitely better, we call it faith.

That acquiescence is what appealed to me. That someone would take care of the things I did not know how to handle. So I understand why we reach out. If an infinite supply of help exists, how can we not request it?

I requested it by crying out to God – as loudly as an obedient Midwesterner would – while lying beside a stranger in a dorm room in South Dakota. Because – as I have told others to point of exhaustion – I was once a college freshman who grew up a Mennonite and found himself in bed with someone who, also, was naked and buzzed.

That story is a boring one as it is not any different from other stories like it…

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6 Reasons Why Rebounds Are Actually Awesome

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1. Having sex is better than not having it

Imagine this: you just got out of a two year relationship. You were used to having sex on a pretty regular basis then all of sudden… boom! You were deprived of one of life’s small pleasures (and a great stress reliever). Before you start going into sexual withdrawals, oh hey, turn to your rebound. Not only will he/she fill that unfortunate sexual void, but hopefully you picked a decent rebound that can give you an orgasm or two to lift your spirits.

2. They are the perfect distraction

Lying in bed tossing and turning over your ex can be tedious and just plain exhausting, and crying into your pillow night after night just gets pathetic at some point. Therefore, queue your rebound. Instead of picking up the phone to beg for your ex back, text your rebound. Not only is he/she…

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