21 Wonderful Things In Life That We Take For Granted

Thought Catalog

1. Music (LearningLifeAsIGo)

I think most people take music for granted. The art, mathematics and science behind it. It is a human-invented concept, that is constantly evolving. It can be as simple as a three chord rock song or as complex as a four act Wagner opera.

2. Being on the top (homemadejelly)

Being at the top of the food chain. I’m on my way to work now and I’m not worried about a panther eating me.

3. Books (Yujiok)

Books, I cant make an accurate estimate on how many different types of books there are but each one of those gives a different message and no matter who you are there is most likely a 100% chance there is a book or thousands of books that pertain to your interests, you just need to find them.

4. Nothing…

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