6 Reasons Why Rebounds Are Actually Awesome

Thought Catalog

1. Having sex is better than not having it

Imagine this: you just got out of a two year relationship. You were used to having sex on a pretty regular basis then all of sudden… boom! You were deprived of one of life’s small pleasures (and a great stress reliever). Before you start going into sexual withdrawals, oh hey, turn to your rebound. Not only will he/she fill that unfortunate sexual void, but hopefully you picked a decent rebound that can give you an orgasm or two to lift your spirits.

2. They are the perfect distraction

Lying in bed tossing and turning over your ex can be tedious and just plain exhausting, and crying into your pillow night after night just gets pathetic at some point. Therefore, queue your rebound. Instead of picking up the phone to beg for your ex back, text your rebound. Not only is he/she…

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