4 Reasons Why I Want To Date My Father

They say women date men like their fathers.

Thought Catalog

Did I get you with the title? I figured I would. No, I’m not some crazy person who is interested in incest. Neither am I a gold digging sugar baby. I honestly just have a love for my dad that I have found rare among girls my age.

Describing me as a daddy’s girl is an understatement. My life has solely revolved around my dad for the past 12 years. After my mom left he was all I had left. We became each others support system. He is my rock, he is my hero, and he is the most solid thing I have in my life. I can’t imagine life without him. I rely on him for almost everything.

Not only can I count on my dad, but he can count on me. We take turns making dinner and washing the dishes. We do an equal amount of chores around…

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