Five Dating Resolutions All Single People Should Make In 2014

Thought Catalog

Another year, another massive batch of failed dating stories. It seems that, in your 20s, these anecdotes are never-ending.

Or are they?

Going into 2014, you can either play the same sad song you’ve memorized so well or you can make some solid dating resolutions and up your game when it comes to the opposite sex.

The choice is yours and yours alone, of course. But, seeing as you could probably use some help, here are some resolution ideas to get you jump-started on your journey to dating success this year.

1. Date up. You know the phrase “marry up,” as in marrying above you? Why not start this line of thinking start with casual dating? No need to save it for marriage only. So many of us – especially those of us in our 20s – settle when it comes to dating. Oh you’re moderately attracted to me?

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