Nothing Good Ever Comes Of Reading Your Partner’s Email — I Should Know

Truth… Unless they let you go through it…Just Don’t. It’s not good for your relationship and when you snoop you assume, and you will find something you won’t want to see.

Thought Catalog

Hi, don’t read my emails, thanks!

Cate Blanchett seems to think the reason her relationship has been so successful is because she shares an email address with her husband of 16 years. I can’t think of anything more horrifying. I wouldn’t want to read all the mundane things my partner is emailing, and I wouldn’t want him reading mine either. There has to be SOME secrecy in a relationship, right?

I don’t feel comfortable with even my best friend looking at my phone. Who knows what naked photos I sexted to a guy or what I was looking at that day. Nobody needs to know that I was Googling “vagina green discharge” or “celebrities small penis.” Some things don’t need to be shared with anyone.

The thing with reading your partner’s emails or texts is that EVERYTHING is taken out of context. Of course if you see a text…

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