An Open Letter To The Self-Proclaimed ‘Nice Guy’

Ohhhhh Mr. Nice Guy!!! Maybe you should read this.

Thought Catalog

Crazy, Stupid, LoveCrazy, Stupid, Love

Dear Nice Guy,

I’m SO glad there are nice guys like you out there. Having recently broken up with my “asshole” boyfriend that I’ve spent the last 5 ½ years trying to change into husband material, all I can think about is how there must be a NICE guy out there who is just waiting to sweep me off of my feet.  I swipe left daily on Tinder, and order extra strong Long Islands at the bar, just hoping somehow you will find me.

There are over a million twenty-somethings exactly like me, complaining about how the men in their lives are always turning out to be “creeps” and “losers”. And here you are, thinking to yourself, “Women are so full of shit. They don’t want nice guys at all! They love the drama of being with a total asshole. Fuck them.”

Well sir, “Mr. Nice Guy”…

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