Here’s How You Know When You’re Ready To Say, “I Love You.”

Thought Catalog

Something has been activated inside of you. Maybe it was the way they complimented your favorite song or the way they kissed you that night, but something happened and now you know, and now you can’t un-know, and the words are begging to come out.

“I love you.”

This feeling of knowing might be unfamiliar. You’ve dated so many people in the past, but nobody’s ever made you think about the words so much before. Nobody has ever sent this many shockwaves throughout your nervous system or caused the electric currents weaving throughout your body to begin pulsating this intensely. Nobody has ever made you feel this comfortable lounging without makeup on or peeing audibly. Is this what the storybooks and romantic comedies are all about? Two weeks ago, you were sane and perfectly content in your relationship, and suddenly you’ve begun thinking in poetry and fantasizing about singing on…

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