The Ultimate Bucket List

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The Bucket ListThe Bucket List

Because go big or go home, you know? YOLO hard enough to make Drake proud.

1. Make a grand return somewhere. I mean GRAND. At first, only one person will see you and theatrically shout “Look!”, and everybody’s heads will turn and an orchestra will play “Mask of Zorro”-esque chords with castanets going crazy. You’ll be riding some stallion and small children will be cheering and chasing as you ride through the streets. This will probably not happen in Times Square.

2. Harness insane jumping power and balance. Live on the third story of a building and causally walk out with a first date that ideally knows nothing of said jumping prowess and casually laugh about how you “forgot my watch.” Then, you’ll turn and jump up to your kitchen window (but only grab on with your hands — you can’t show them everything the first time)…

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