10 Reasons Why Female Masturbation Is The Greatest Thing, Ever

Thought Catalog

1. It is an expression of self-love and, thusly, the best way to learn to love yourself. Masturbation forces us to acknowledge those parts of our bodies that we would otherwise never so much as even look at. Beyond genital stimulation, masturbation is also the stimulation of the eroticism contained within our bodies — for some it is the touch to a collarbone, the brushing of a nipple or the stroking of thighs that brings us closer to orgasm than genital play alone. To be able to come, to excite our bodies and to be excited by it, is to no longer be repulsed by it but rather it is to love it undeniably.

2. Never have I met a woman who has not been in the highest of spirits after masturbating. Anger, frustration, depression and boredom have all been relieved with the help of my index, middle and ring…

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