Comfort Is One Hell Of A Drug

We are all looking for something real, there is too many relationship[s] out there that aren’t really anything besides a good window display.

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Are unlabeled relationships just some kind of glorified make believe? A secret ploy to try and get over one another on the weekdays and then let it all go to shit on the weekends? It’s a constant jockeying back and forth between waking up alone feeling wild and free and waking up in the crook of an arm feeling sick to death for ever living without that sigh falling against your shoulder.

In theory, relationships should be easy: just two people who fit well with one another working to keep the puzzle together. Yet, it rarely ever works out so effortlessly. Mostly because we find ourselves mixed up in these “non-relationship” relationships full of ambiguity and being caught in between. It’s childish, really, like entering into someone else’s life with your fingers crossed–wink, wink, nothing counts.

Your friends have told you to walk away, and you haven’t listened. But you…

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