How To Find That Perfect Person That Meets Every Bullet On Your Checklist

Thought Catalog

Must: Be a dog lover. Vegetarian. Not high maintenance with food.  Catholic. Fit. Not a gym rat. Has no kids. Wants kids later. Travels. No religion. Not atheist though. Educated. Car. Nice car. 6’2” or above. Exotic looking. Same favorite pizza as me. Hates country music. Republican. Obsessed with country music. Cats or bust. 


Ah, the checklist. Classic. What we think defines our perfect soul mate. The attributes we demand exist in someone for us to even consider them as a potential mate.

Bull honky. Abandon the list.  Abandon the list and abandon the idea that you just need to find someone that meets A, B and C and then you two will find eternal happiness because your open to love.

We’ve been doing things backwards.

  • The first step: Live your life. Fill yourself up. Love your life. Love yourself.
  • The second step: Let someone fall into that life of yours that you already…

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