21 Secret Struggles Of Being A Girly Girl

Thought Catalog

Seeming effortless and feminine is one of the hardest, most bitter struggles in modern human existence. Making everything seem charmingly intentional, and yet not like you’re trying too hard, is nearly impossible. And being drawn to everything sparkly or pink like a moth to a flame is a great way to lose all of your money. Here, 21 of the biggest Girly Girl Struggles.

1. Applying one eye’s worth of winged liquid eyeliner in a flawless, refined way, and knowing before you even start the second that it’s not going to look even remotely similar.

2. Receiving compliments on your hairstyle and trying not to respond, “Thanks! I spent a solid 45 minutes on it and burned my hand in the process!” because you want to look casual and cool.

3. Breaking in your adorable new wedges.


4. Immediately wanting to order the pink, bubbly, fancy cocktails, but feeling judged…

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