A Public Service Announcement To White People Who Love Hip Hop

Hahaha…. oh dear!!!

Thought Catalog

I’m sitting outside at this cafe in Richmond and suddenly a Mercedes rolls up and the music is so loud and it’s hardcore rap and the car is rattling for the Gods. I take a look at the people in this loud car just because, you know, anyone who’s playing music at that volume is begging to be looked at. And who do I see? Why, none other than four white girls, maxing and relaxing to that hip hop! They are going IN, throwing (what they think are) gang signs, singing all the words and everything! I’m so shocked that I actually laugh to myself before I’m like, “wow.”

Usually when someone’s blasting hip hop out of their car it’s a black guy or a white guy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white female — let alone four white females! — blasting a hip hop or rap song…

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