Kim Doesn’t Have To Cure Cancer, She’s Important In Her Own Right

Thought Catalog

Wait a minute. I’m confused. Why are all of you saying Kim Kardashian isn’t worthy of a “Vogue” cover?

She totally does.

How long has Kimberly Noel Kardashian existed in our cultural memory? It’s been quite a long time now. She first appeared as Paris Hilton’s friend in blips on red carpet specials, but has since completely eclipsed Paris in star power. Like Paris, Kim is criticized for being famous via a sex tape, but truthfully that sex tape was just the springboard for her fame.

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Think about the Kardashian empire for a minute. There are perfumes, books, a makeup line, a clothing line or two, a kids’ clothing line and, of course, the eponymous TV series that catapulted the entire clan into the cultural lexicon. And guess who built all of that? Kim. Kris may have managed her daughter brilliantly, but it was Kim who worked…

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