Smile: Our New Emoticons Have Arrived!

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Fan of smileys? 🙂 We are. That’s why we just redesigned them to be cleaner, simpler, bigger, more expressive, and modern.

😉 😀

These new smileys are actually vector graphics, so they’ll stay crisp if you zoom in on your page. They’ll also stay sharp on high-resolution mobile displays.

😎 ⭐

To find out how to use an emoticon appearing in this post, just hover over it and you’ll see which characters produce it. We’re working on expanding our collection, so stay tuned for more smiley fun.

XD >:D 😦 😥 😐 :/ 😮 😛 😡 O_o ^^’

If you’re not a fan of smileys, that’s okay! You can always turn them off and on in your dasbhoard under Settings  Writing. We hope you’ll have fun with these. Smile!

Bonus: We also created a few secret emoticons for you to discover. Good luck finding them! 😉

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Procrastination: Because breaks are sacred.

so... this is my life now

There’s a home video of me, about 8 years old, hair probably unkempt, playing while my dad’s voice booms behind the camera and asks, “Shouldn’t you be doing your homework?” I look at him defiantly and say, “It’s Saturday. SA-TUR-DAY. I don’t do work on Saturday.” And, except for occasional reading and writing assignments (because that’s what I love to do), I haven’t worked on Saturdays since.

Call it procrastination or just knowing that I need a break, but I’ve always put limits on my work time: nothing after 10pm on weekdays, on Friday evenings, on Saturdays, on Sundays before noon.

Today, drowning in a sea of grading that needs to be swallowed by Friday, I told myself I need to start working before noon. I always tell myself these things when I’m this stressed. But, as usual, I find a way to avoid it.

I’ll start in an hour.

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10 Things Your Hairstylist Wants You To Know

Thought Catalog


I’ve often seen articles about things your server wants you to know. Well, as another type of service industry professional, I have some hints to make your salon visit significantly less confusing for you, give you realistic expectations, and help you to not annoy the hell out of your stylist.

1. “If you want your hair to grow, you need to keep getting it trimmed.”

Before I started doing hair, I never understood this because no one took the time to explain it to me. What your stylist means is that when your ends split, they will split up the strand until that hair breaks or falls out. The more hairs that do this, the thinner and “scragglier” the bottom of your hair will look (BECAUSE THERE IS LESS HAIR THERE). If you get a “dusting” which is a miniscule trim (.25-.5 inches), to remove the split ends and…

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