21 Men Reveal The One Piece Of Sex Advice They Wish All Women Knew

Thought Catalog

1. Say something!

Be vocal. this for sure. don’t be silent. say what you like and let us know you like it.

2. O RLY?

 My penis is attached to my body don’t act like you are trying to start a god damn lawnmower.

3. Channel your primal instinct. 

Don’t lay there like a dead log. Move around, climb on top, push your self against me. Move your body like you’re at the club and a song came on and you’re all “oooooh, this my shit!”

Additionally, grab, touch, lick. I make every effort to kiss, bite, touch and play with your lady bits and body, return the favor.

Mostly, have fun. Fuck like you’re never going to be able to fuck again. Then give it ten minutes and do it again. Get crazy, act like a complete animal. (don’t poop/pee on me…

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