3 (Sometimes Harsh) Realities Of What Makes A Healthy, Successful Relationship

Thought Catalog

Going The DistanceGoing The Distance

1. You always want the best for each other.

This one can be tricky. While most people will insist that they always “want the best” for their partner, they usually only mean this to a certain extent. In a healthy relationship, you love the person enough to put their happiness, growth, and success first. Don’t get angry when they can’t text you for a couple of hours because they’re working, or take it personally when they spend a night hanging out with their closest friends.  Their sole purpose in life isn’t to keep you occupied and give you attention. While there is a time and place for that, you should encourage them to experience life outside of your relationship. Encourage them to study abroad, even if it means spending a few months doing long-distance. Encourage them to hang out with an old friend who happens to be…

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