A Letter To Every Boy Who Thinks I’m A “Crazy Girl”

Thought Catalog


We have dated, we have had sex or we have merely just talked. I was just another girl you went for that Thursday night I caught your eye. Six months ago? Or was it a year? You wouldn’t possibly remember now. I was simply a passing month-or-so in your life that you probably never look back on; a name on a list, or someone to be found in your blocked group on Facebook. Another ‘crazy girl’ story you have to tell your friends over beers and banter.

And you all have one thing in common. You all hurt me far more than you should have. I shouldn’t have cried over you, I shouldn’t have had to run to friends for support, and I shouldn’t still be thinking about you now. But I am.

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I am the girl you tell your friends about. The girl who won’t get…

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