Are Millennials A Loveless Generation?

Thought Catalog

It’s the summer of 2014, and us millennials are left in a bit of a predicament when it comes to dating. In that, we don’t really do it. Left uncomprehended, a bit lost, and partially hopeless in the art of capturing a lover, we are a generation of misinterpretation and feigned disinterest.

Typically, dating (or hooking up, whichever) includes those pesky mind-games of playing ‘hard to get’ or letting the man ‘chase’ that have retained part of romantic routine though the ages, and what often occurs is a mutually feigned disinterest between millenial couples who refuse to accept or present their feelings externally. And when dating does occur, prepare for a crashing heap of confusion as you daze in and out of the romantic sphere working out why they haven’t texted you today.


Even more-so, millennials have a lost touch when it comes to romance — because of the…

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