Guys Want To Fall In Love, Too

Thought Catalog

The way my friends tell it, it always starts the same. When they were kids, they wanted to do cute things with the girlfriends they’d have. They wanted to treat girls the way girls said they wanted to be treated. They wanted to be respectful. Kind. Cheesy, even. But then the girl would go and break their heart, and they’d think it was a wasted effort. Why put in all that work if you’re going to get your world not just broken, not just crushed, but fucking splintered?

And then, the way my friends tell it, they turn a new leaf and think, “Fine, this is is how it’s going to be. I won’t put in effort. I won’t care as much. Not until I meet the girl who will make me care. It’s not worth it anyway.”

To be fair, projecting one mess of hurt feelings onto a future…

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