I Used A Radio Station Prank To Find Out If My Boyfriend Was Cheating, If Only Cheating Was The Worst Thing I Found Out

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Tom and I dated a year before things started getting weird. It was pretty perfect before that. He was very good looking and got along well with all my friends. We were everyone’s favorite couple in our friend group.

A few months ago though, the new relationship feeling was well worn off and I just noticed that he wasn’t as into me as he used to be. He used to want to hang out most nights of the week and it slowed to only a few. He was reluctant to go to our standing couples game night with our friends, and the biggest red flag of all — he started locking his phone. I used to peak at it when he left the room. It wasn’t major snooping, I’d just scan the names of the people he’d recently been texting.

I was at happy hour with one of my…

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