Please Keep Your Damn Relationship Off Social Media. Here’s Why.

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Johan Larsson image – Flickr / Johan Larsson

I didn’t become Facebook friends with my boyfriend until 4 months after we had started dating. In that four months we got to know each other, started a serious relationship, met each other’s friends and families, went on a trip, fought, made up and took lots of really great pictures. But none of it, not one bit of our relationship, lived online.

This social media abstinence was done intentionally. I entered this relationship knowing I wanted something more serious. And one of the common denominators that I saw affecting my past relationships was the messy layer that social media was adding to them. The misinformed perception that inherently comes along with judging someone based on a handful of pictures, on the slice of life they choose to share online. It denies partners the intimacy and depth that comes with really getting to know each…

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