The 6 Types Of Facebook Friends

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Sukharevskyy Dmytro (nevodka) / Shutterstock.comSukharevskyy Dmytro (nevodka) /

1. The friend you haven’t spoken to in years.

You went to high school together and haven’t spoken since that time in 2009 when you promised to keep in touch. You haven’t seen this person in years, yet you know that they are currently studying abroad in France, and occasionally will go to pub trivia.

2. Your actual friends.

This one is a given, but I had to throw it in there for good measure. Your pals, your best buddies, people whose kids you don’t mind seeing splashed all across your news feed.

3. The friend your best friend made you request.

Your best friends ex is now dating somebody new, and it’s up to you to use your Facebook as a disguise for your friend to stalk. Unfortunately, this one can be tricky, as people usually don’t accept randoms, but when it works –…

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