Why “You Deserve Better” Will Always Be The Easy Way Out

Thought Catalog


“You deserve better.”
I guarantee you’ll hear this during a breakup at least once in your lifetime. But you know what? “You deserve better” is just a sad, bullshit excuse someone uses to let you down easy during a breakup.

“You deserve better.”
If you think I deserve better… then fucking grow a pair of balls and BE better for me. Why would you willingly continue on in a relationship if you’ve known that I “deserve better”? Why continue on in any relationship if you’re just going to half ass it? Being that better person that he/she deserves is only beneficial to both people. Improve your life by improving yourself and your relationships. Give 100% of yourself to someone, and be the type of person you know your significant other would be proud to show off. If you can’t do that, leave your “you deserve better” behind, and don’t…

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