10 Things I Should Have Done Differently When We Were Together

Thought Catalog

After distancing myself from the past and immersing myself in the world that is romantic comedy, I was able to comprehend what was wrong with me when I was dating you. It’s easier for me to look at things from a perspective as if that person is no longer me, but I wish I would’ve realized them sooner. Here are the ten things I should’ve done when we were together:

1. I should have put faith in you.

People kept telling me things behind your back, and it stressed me out. I wanted to confront you about them, but I thought you had your own free will and I shouldn’t tell you what to do with your body. I should’ve put faith in you enough to tell you that I was worried and wanted you to stop, but I was too much of a coward.

2. I should have embraced…

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