This Is What Love Feels Like

Thought Catalog

This is what love looks like: a pretty girl with gold­-flecked eyes repeatedly poking me in the side while a superhero movie plays on the TV. I don’t know it yet, but the whole night was a test for her to decide if I liked her or not. I’m not entirely sure which was passing or failing at the time, but I know that I was falling. I kissed her in the soft glow of Christmas lights in September, automatically. No conscious decision was made to kiss her; it just happened. Beautiful magnetism.

We didn’t like to admit the truth; we hid it beneath our tongues. Nights of drunken texts and rendezvous en route to soccer fields we spent smiling and kissing without our hearts. No emotions, no feelings. Stupid. Every time our skin grazed we reneged on that deal. It was like shooting an arrow at an apple atop…

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