Why Love Is Losing Its Meaning (And Why We Need To Get It Back)

Thought Catalog

How do you define love? To want, to need, to not be able to live without? It’s such a simple word, yet it covers all manner of, well, everything.


I love summer storms and snowfalls; they’re some of my favorite things.

I love pad thai and drunken noodles; I left Spain (in part) to be closer to them.

I love my dog; his kisses warm my heart like no other.

And I love my family, but I don’t always like my family. But still, I love them.

But why? To love a thing, an inanimate thing, is simple — you enjoy it, you crave it, you want it, maybe you even need it. But to love a person… What is that?

Familiar love is a unique case — it is based on nothing but ties, no emotions or feelings, just a unifying blood. It’s unexplainable and undeniable. It just…

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