I Used A Radio Station Prank To Find Out If My Boyfriend Was Cheating, If Only Cheating Was The Worst Thing I Found Out

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Tom and I dated a year before things started getting weird. It was pretty perfect before that. He was very good looking and got along well with all my friends. We were everyone’s favorite couple in our friend group.

A few months ago though, the new relationship feeling was well worn off and I just noticed that he wasn’t as into me as he used to be. He used to want to hang out most nights of the week and it slowed to only a few. He was reluctant to go to our standing couples game night with our friends, and the biggest red flag of all — he started locking his phone. I used to peak at it when he left the room. It wasn’t major snooping, I’d just scan the names of the people he’d recently been texting.

I was at happy hour with one of my…

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Why 28-Year-Olds Are The Weirdest People In The World

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When you graduate college and you’re 22 life is very difficult, but only because you are experiencing many things you’ve never done before all at the same time. You have to make a lot of educated guesses and just try new things (like paying bills) all the time. But it’s a fun-scary experience because it’s totally okay to fail. People expect you to fail. You likely still have a strong safety net to fall back on if things don’t turn out as you’ve planned.

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I remember “feeling old” a lot in my younger 20’s. But it was a joke, like, “LOL I just put a stamp on an envelope, I’m so old!”

When you’re in your late 20’s and you start to feel old, it’s because you’re actually getting old. You’ve been in an office job for years at this point so you realize you have to…

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I Don’t Like Big Dicks

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I don’t really like big dicks.

That’s OK, right? Nobody’s gonna shame me or gasp in horror when I confess that, are they? Well, whatever, I don’t give a fuck. I’m just not the biggest fan of giant dicks!

I’m definitely not saying I like little teeny ones – you know, the kind where you can’t even feel it in you, like a pinky finger or something. No thanks. I don’t like the ones that are all short and squat. No rinkydink dicks for me, please. I don’t mean to be rude or picky … well, maybe I do. It’s just that I’m a grown woman and I want what I want! And I want a normal-sized dick, not one that makes me wince when you put it in!

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I’m just saying that the huge ones, well, they hurt. They give me UTIs even when I pee…

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The 6 Types Of Facebook Friends

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Sukharevskyy Dmytro (nevodka) / Shutterstock.comSukharevskyy Dmytro (nevodka) / Shutterstock.com

1. The friend you haven’t spoken to in years.

You went to high school together and haven’t spoken since that time in 2009 when you promised to keep in touch. You haven’t seen this person in years, yet you know that they are currently studying abroad in France, and occasionally will go to pub trivia.

2. Your actual friends.

This one is a given, but I had to throw it in there for good measure. Your pals, your best buddies, people whose kids you don’t mind seeing splashed all across your news feed.

3. The friend your best friend made you request.

Your best friends ex is now dating somebody new, and it’s up to you to use your Facebook as a disguise for your friend to stalk. Unfortunately, this one can be tricky, as people usually don’t accept randoms, but when it works –…

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64 Ways To Be Nice

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Lately, I’ve even feeling like more of a taker than a giver in my relationship with the world. I try to be grateful every day, but lots of great things are happening for me – so much so that I’ve been finding less and less time to try and make things great for those around me. This is a tough thing for me to admit – I wear my ‘good egg’ badge with pride and I’ll fight the label of ‘selfish’ to the death – but the time has come where I have to swallow my pride down as far as I can and admit that I’ve been wrapped up in my own little bubble, and haven’t always noticed when someone else’s has popped.

Since I made this disappointing realization about myself, I’ve been trying to do little things to reverse this staggering overbalance in good karma. Yes, this…

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13 Things Homebodies Say And What They Actually Mean

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New Girl: Season 2New Girl: Season 2

1. (After being asked, “What are your plans today?”) “Nothing.”

Contrary to popular belief, “nothing” can actually mean something. Technically the homebody could’ve said “I do have plans” because doing absolutely nothing was in fact their itinerary. Lounging around lazily? Yeah, I penned that in my schedule weeks ago, and I’m currently knee deep in nothing, aka unavailable.

2. “…                                  …”

^^That’s complete silence, which is usually the response you get when you text or call a homebody with some kind of invitation that they don’t want to officially decline.

3. “Hey what’s up? Sorry, I was sleeping when you text/called me!”

This is the lie that follows the complete silence mentioned in the previous point. You’ll get this several hours after your initial attempt at contact, when the homebody is…

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Sitting Alone With Depression

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Rachel K  / flickr.comRachel K / flickr.com

I have, despite my best efforts and many wishes otherwise, a natural predisposition towards depression (with a heavy side of anxiety that is going to take the back seat here). For as long as I can remember, and far before I knew the label for the feeling, I have fought against the heavy, exhausting, debilitating force formally known as depression. I was officially diagnosed as a teenager (along with said anxiety disorder) and began treatment — an effective combination of therapy and medication. It took me years to feel like me again but, slowly, I came back — I emerged from the depression the person I always knew I was but had lost for a few years to the illness.

I wish the story ended there but, alas, as real-life is wont to do — there is no happily ever after where I ride off into…

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